There are many factors of issues which influence the success of a business organization or of an individual.

After all, one must be somewhat balanced in the well-being of different areas, such as income level, family, personal happiness, health etc.

If one wishes to have lasting and enjoyable success, any effort to just concentrate on one of the above areas will result in failure to the degree that not all areas have been addressed.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

The below issues are not a full list of what is important, but to include some areas which many people do happen to overlook.

Business Expansion

Any business that does not expand will sooner or later perish.
This is not my opinion or the opinion of other business managers, – it happens to be an observation that is easily made.

After all, even Bill Gates said that if he will not continue to strive to improve market share and better his product, a kid working out of the garage will put him out of business.

People (I think it was in court) laughed. Trust me, he has observed this phenomena well and knows it is no joke, even at his level of success that is way out there.

Besides, expansion means challenges, means tapping into your creativeness and imagination. And it is pure fun. No expansion, even if you would survive it, is called ‘grinding’.

Absentee Owner

An Absentee Owner of a business, by definition, is somebody who can leave his or her business any time he or she wants and still make more money than if he or she would be working everyday in the business.

A heart surgeon owning a private practice may be an owner, a manager (running his office) and a worker (seeing patients, providing medical services) all at the same time. But while he is being a ‘worker’ or a ‘manager’, he will not perform the duties of a business owner well and thus his business will remain small.

Most small business owners never get out of having to do sales, marketing, servicing clientele, accounting etc all at the same time while still being an owner. In fact, some owners think that it is their job to do all other work which their staff do not know or could not do.

Our ‘Absentee Owner Program’ helps a business owner to free up his time so that he could focus on expansion and growth. The biggest benefit: the lesser the owner physically work as a ‘worker’ and/or a ‘manager’, the higher the income of his business!

Exit Strategy or Secondary Sources of Income

Having several sources of income makes a lot of sense to most people, but the actual execution of how to achieve this seems to be a bit nebulous, and maybe even looks impossible to some.

Here are some points of confusion:

Diversifying, which is to have more than one income source, makes many people dabbling in several business ventures or dreaming of several business ventures all at once and never getting even one off the ground. They at last feel overwhelmed.

Others, yet want to make sure that the first business they are in is making lots of money, has no problem and runs smooth or even on automatic – it will never happen and thus the first business usually is a constant grind and the other businesses never start. This usually brings some kind of dissatisfaction and the feeling of not being all one can be, with no real answer. There are ways to overcome these obstacles – write us or call us to learn about simple and practical ways to go about creating different income sources.

Personal Development


Why talk about health on a web site which promotes entrepreneurial leadership, management and marketing ideas?

I believe that there are many, many business owners, managers, workers, students etc with great dreams and with all the potential abilities to make those dreams come true.

But what they do not have is the physical and mental strength and energy to keep the flame going.

Poor bodily health can affect energy and mental state.

Unfortunately most people do not realize that being tired is a health problem. And it is NOT remedied with medicine.

Read our HEALTH section to learn more on how you could improve your energy as you are striving towards your goals. Read more…


When people think of education, they think of the idea of young people going to school or helping young people to be educated. That is only one facet of education. What happen after one leaves school? Constant education in ALL areas of life is the only way to success. However, most adults fail to find time to read or attend educational courses. When one stops educating himself, one has stopped one’s improvement in life.

The President of Harvard University Mr Derek Bok said, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.

Captains of industries constantly read books, attend seminars, hire consultants etc to educate themselves on how to improve their lives and other people’s lives around them.

Visit our BOOKS link for some recommendations. Read more…