Why Talk About Health?

Why talk about health on a web site which promotes entrepreneurial leadership, management and marketing ideas?

I believe that there are many many business owners, managers, workers, students etc with great dreams and with all the potential abilities to make those dreams come true.

But what they do not have is the physical and mental strength and energy to keep the flame going.

Have you noticed how hard it is to be enthusiastic when you are tired and exhausted?

Tired and exhausted has little if not absolutely nothing with working too hard.

No overwork, except in the extreme of slavery for very long time, will bring about a feeling of exhaustion and even the feeling of depression.

Poor bodily health can affect energy and mental state.

Unfortunately most people do not realize that being tired is a health problem. And it is NOT remedied with medicine.

In the section below, you will find a few general pointers, which have kept me energetic and in general good health.

Helmut G Flasch


Probably the best chance of fighting off just about any viruses, bacterial infection, illnesses – in short be bullet proof to any illness including Cancer, AIDS, Flu, Heart Disease etc is:

Keep your body alkaline – not acidic. Or be prepared for any and all health problems.

By the way an acidic body also get exhausted and the feeling of being tired and lifeless. This often leads as far as to taking depression drugs, which only deplete the body of more vital nutrition and induce the need for more and stronger drugs.

But the sheer feeling of tiredness will inhibit a vivid imagination and acting on the imagination impossibility, and thus financial success and personal happiness are out of reach.

The only acidic areas in your body should be the stomach and the urine! The blood and the saliva must be alkaline.

Keep your body alkaline, not acidic, is the answer. Having an alkaline body is the ultimate, most underlying answer according to some of the most respected brains on this planet.

This is not my saying so. I have only researched the data, and use it in my own life.

All ways of living should be geared towards achieving to have an alkaline body! This is really simpler than it sounds.

It starts with how to test whether you are alkaline or acidic. The test takes 30 seconds, is done by you at any place and costs a dime or so!

Yet this test can and does give you the exact probability of your future health.

Hell, it will do so with your current health. After all if you test already very acidic you will answer yes to many questions such as: are you easily sick with flu etc.

Do you have more little and big pains than you should have?

Do you sleep not too good?

Do you have arthritis?

Do you have digestive problems?

Do you feel fatigue and tired more than you think you should be?

Do you have problems having regular bowel movement? (about three times a day)

Are you diagnosed with some illness larger or small?

Do you have headaches frequently?

Are you overweight and have problem losing weight despite some effort?

And the list goes on – it never fails. Low alkaline, meaning high acidity, and all or many, or at least some of the above symptoms, are present in larger or smaller degree. Those symptoms will unfortunately not go away with medical drugs.

Oh well – maybe the symptoms will go away. After all, the symptom of having an excruciating toothache will go away with enough morphine! But will the tooth be getting better? What would happen if all you did were to keep taking painkillers for your toothache and never get the tooth repaired? Let’s say for years?

Go ahead, answer that question – and yet that is how the drugs you get for whatever illness work on you – they never repair the problem and thus, just like a toothache which was suppressed but not repaired, will blow up.


Good nutrition in the amount the body needs is however difficult to come by in today’s world, especially if the body is already damaged by years of being acidic!

Thus some food supplement will have to take the place.

Actually, all supplements and antioxidants are one way or another bringing your body more to an alkaline state.

So here we go and if you need more information on why the body should be alkaline instead of acidic, there are quite a few resources that I recommend.

But here are some recommendations:

1) Drink lots of water

2) Try to have as clean as possible air to breath at all times

3) Cleanse Your Bowel

4) Take Magnesium

5) MSM

6) Lots of Vitamin C

7) Vitamin E

8) Get Exercise

9) Get Food

10) Disclaimer about our health articles

The above is not easy, well at least it is not always easy for me, as I travel a lot and eat outside a lot, and yes, I like fat greasy deep-fried chicken and Italian salami (full of preservatives) as much as the next guy.
And I do indulge in it sometimes. Sorry to say.

But I do manage to stay away from sugar in coffee, from sodas etc – and I do restrain myself from the bad foods. But just as important not eating the bad food is to at least also give the body the right food. The body can take quite a bit of abuse, just please – at least supply it with some weapons – food – good, unprocessed, un-pasteurized, non-sugar foods. And even lots and lots of fats. But the fats must be raw and un-pasteurized, which means un-cooked.

My grandparents from both sides, back in Austria, grew up on loads of raw butter, pork fat that has never been cooked, a bit like the famous Italian Proshuto.

They lived a long and productive life till the very end.

I myself never subscribed to the low fat, artificial sugar pitch by the food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

All this non-fat and low calories foods in the supermarket are killing you my friend, not helping you. The evidence of it is there is more fat people than ever, not despite the low calories and artificial sugars, but because of.

There is one more most important factor to stay energetic and generally healthy. And that is not to engage in the use of medical drugs. There is a difference between taking medicine when having an accident or some other fact which makes medicine needed for a short while and between taking medicine for ‘prevention’ of flu, allergies, heart disease etc.

Please realize that you have not been born with a deficiency of aspirin. Flu shots have not been proven to avoid the flu. The pharmaceutical companies just want you to believe that the incidences of flu would be higher if you would not take the flu shots.

I know that I am rather controversial, but then again, the data does not come from me, but from many reputable medical doctors and from my own experience together with literally millions of healthy individuals who are not indulging in medical drugs, except when there are heavy emergencies.

There are, no doubt, many other measures one could and should take to keep the body immune system working. And also there are many added supplements one can take in case one is experiencing a severe advanced condition of an illness.

Caring enough about your body or about the body of a loved one and taking the time and responsibility to get educated on this important subject is the real key to a happy life. The data is out there but it is not part of mainstream education.

You learn how to drive a car, learn computers and many other things because you need them to survive economically and for pleasure, right? Of course! So why wouldn’t you take a few hours every day for a few weeks to read the appropriate books on how to increase your longevity, energy, and thus productivity and general pleasure of life?

Besides of the pleasure of having a body which has vitality and not too tired to perform the actions needed to have pleasure in work and all other activities, you also have a duty of keeping your body in perfect condition so as that you do not become a burden to your children.

May you live to a hundred and enjoy it too!

Helmut G Flasch

Disclaimer about our health articles:

Never use our advice as the only or ultimate solution – sometimes it might well be necessary to add more different supplements than what I tell you here. Never think that anything on this website was intended as a diagnosis for your medical condition – always consult with a medical doctor – show your doctor our advice – but if you get stubborn rejections about alternative health from your doctor then for your health’s and your longevity’s sake get yourself a doctor who knows about the fantastic powers of those diverse supplements which in one corner or another around this world are keeping people healthy and happy for long, long time!

The author of this article is not a doctor of any kind but tells you what he does to keep healthy.

In case you are pursuing any of the recommendations above you are self-prescribing, which is your constitutional right. As however mentioned above, there are many knowledgeable medical doctors that can guide you in the direction of a drug-free health – a better health.