Drink lots of water.

Drink lots of wate

Drink lots of water (8 glasses a day minimum) and make sure the water is purified. Ideally the water is also negatively ionized and oxygenated! Please do not think that if you drink coffee, sodas etc will count! No, it does not and in the contrary, it will dehydrate you and thus you need more water! Also you need one glass more for every 25 pounds which you are overweight. Listen, air and water are respectively the most important things to survive. Three minutes without air and a few days without water – you will die. Yet almost nobody puts into calculation that we do NOT have the air and water quality we used to have. So, just like with food we simply do not get what we need or what we used to get without any side effect. E.g. we now drink sodas and other man-made juices and NO water! Our fathers and grandfathers HAD to drink water because the artificial stuff was not as readily available. Drink water and you might see back pains, headaches and a slew of other problems disappear – washed away!! But once again even if you do drink the water you need, you must clean it because it is not at all in a pure state the way our grandfathers used to receive it. That is bad because it costs money but now at least we do have the technology to purify and to put back the important ingredients! (Learn more about the importance of water – section coming up soon).