SUCCESS on Our Program

V. M. R., USA

” I have invested thousands of dollar in management consultants without getting significant improvement. From the time you started to help me, my statistics doubled up in new clients in the first month and tripled in three months.”

“Helmut Flasch likes what he is doing. He takes pride in it and he CARES. He’s got what it takes and that makes him the BEST in his field.”

C. K., USA

“Since I started working with Flasch Business Expansion, I have tripled my gross, quadrupled new clients, organized my office to such an extent that I have no paperwork to take home. I only regret I didn’t meet my consultant a few years before.”

“I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable in his field; he gets along well with everyone; he has the patience to deal with a situation until it is resolved; and most of all, he always has been around when I needed him. He differs from any other consulting firm, with one single most important factor, that he provides personal consultation and trains office personnel and he stays with this project until the goals and purposes are achieved.”

G. T., USA

“Flasch Business Expansion is the best thing that happened to my business and also to me as a person. They really care about their clients and their success. They deliver above and beyond my expectations.”

“Our business is more organized. We learned how to train staff, how to handle finances, how to market. We hired Flasch Business Expansion upon the recommendation of my business partner. I have no hesitation in referring them to anyone else.”

J. H., USA

“I have learnt many things from Flasch Business Expansion so far but one of the most unusual and valuable thing has been learning how to create my own news coverage. I know this skill will continue to help me throughout my career.”

“I don’t know of any other management consulting company that teaches business owners how to get their own news coverage.”


“I want to thank you so much for all the help you have given our office. You have been so dedicated and generous with your time and energy. After just two meetings listening to the tapes about how to communicate with clients, our staff has excelled so much that our production has jumped by 25%.”

“Your service more than pays for itself. Thank you for everything!”

E. D., USA

“His marketing concepts are more sound and sophisticated than anyone could hope to achieve from a business degree in marketing or numerous “consultants” using outmoded and marginally successful methods that they may have learned in business school. My best advice is to go directly to the best source of marketing wisdom I have seen in my 23 years of practice … Flasch Business Expansion.’

S. S., USA

“My clients more than doubled within 5 months and production doubled in 6 months. The amazing thing is we have barely done what you told us to do. And I did not spend any advertising money to get so much more referrals!”

R. A., USA

“I have had many advertising opportunities available, but I needed a system and coaches to do the work. After talking with you, I did have some excitement for the possibilities. I have entrusted you among 6-7 other marketing firms I could have gone with. Now that I have started, it is more than apparent that you guys are legitimate.”

D. P., USA

“People telling me that they had seen me in the paper. I know that the community events will have more impact and they seem to be … I am getting more new clients and more word of mouth.”

S. K.

“We held the event at the office. It went very well. The event was a success and we managed to get EVERY news station in [city] to attend. It was broadcast that night on all news stations.”

D. A.

“There’s wisdom in giving clients something that doesn’t flagrantly promote me, but rather a good deed! I like the Infrastructure…and methods of inexpensively broadcasting promo material to a lot of people systematically.”