You Too Can Be Happy

(Barnes & Noble #1 Bestseller)
By Helmut G Flasch

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How This Booklet Can Help You, Your Family, Your Friends and Just About Anyone You Ever Meet

There’s something extremely important to understand: it is rather difficult – if not downright impossible – to be happy and successful all by yourself.

The truth is, there really is no such a thing as a “self-made” anyone.

Someone had to change your diapers. Someone taught you “one plus one.” Someone taught you to write. Someone cared for you. But even if you had no teacher and somehow learned only from reading books – someone first had to write those books. Once educated, you grew up and worked – and someone hired you. Someone believed in you. Someone gave you a chance.

Hopefully by now, a significant point has been made: You don’t do it alone. None of us do.

We need other people for us to live and succeed – and importantly – to be happy and have pleasure in life.

One of the magical elements of life is how it often comes full circle, specifically in this case as it can also be argued that making others happy is considered by most as one of our biggest sources of pleasure. Just recall how happy you are at Christmas when a recipient of your gift expresses genuine happiness.

Yes, you might also be happy for what you receive.

But seeing your parents, spouse, and children being happy is really what it is all about.

That is why so many call it the season of giving.

Having said all this – what is the intention of this booklet?

It’s quite simple, yet also quite profound: to help make the road to happiness and success for you and those around you just a bit easier. In doing so, this booklet will show that it is possible to create your own happiness by making others happy too. It is like good karma: in what are still mysterious ways, it always comes back to you.

So how can you help make others happy?

Read this booklet. If what you see moves you, maybe you’ll give this booklet to someone, and maybe one day you’ll hear back: “Remember that little booklet you gave me? Well, I applied this one principle and lo and behold, I got a better job!” Or, “My health really improved!” Or, “I’m now having a much happier relationship with my whole family!”

It’s another way to make others happy.

Once you get into the swing of it, there’s no telling the ways you might imagine to spread a little happiness – or how far it can spread. Is it possible that this booklet can create a world without war?

Maybe not. But then again, maybe it can purge the wars out of your own personal life – or someone else’s. That would be a big start in the right direction.

So go ahead. Help yourself and others.

Read on.