“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” 

– Derek Bok 

(Former President of Harvard University) 

Let’s make sure we expand that to all areas of life.  

We must not only concentrate on the technical aspect of our profession, but also see our overall success and happiness.  

Without “learning” how to keep focus, how to communicate with people about any matters, your chance of never realizing your full potential is huge.  

Just look around. You will see a person who may be a specialist in one area but yet is still a failure in life. Why?  

Simply ignorance of getting an education in ALL matters of life! Synergy, my friend, synergy! 

Helmut Flasch 
CEO, Flasch International 

PS. Currently, there is one area in business where getting an education is worth mentioning. 

And by the way, don’t think that when I say education that I am talking about formal school, university education. Of course, not! 

In fact, it is the formal educated people who suffer the most from the “trade time for money” syndrome that keeps them rather poor and overworked.  

Also educated “trading time for money” people are very controlled by the “Un-Work” type of people – entrepreneurs, people who see a need or who create a need and go for it. 

Anyhow, I am talking mostly about doctors. These guys know all about being controlled and being overworked and underpaid. 

There is a business revolution going on for a couple of decades now. 

It is still in the womb and yet it started shaking retailers a little bit already. In fact, it has put out of business a few of them.  

Did you know that sales and marketing are the best paid professions ever? 

Of course, they are.  

It’s understandable, as there is no item or no service that does not need to be sold!  

Now imagine, actually just look around you, be able to participate in marketing and/or selling a well marketed product anywhere in the world. 

Would a regional recession affect your practice and how would it affect a worldwide business which is able to change conditions or rise from the old ashes? 

Call us! Call us, even though you might think this is surely not for you. It might not be.  

All great opportunities in the world are at best for about 1% of people. 

But I assure you that the given information will be useful to you in the very near future, in terms of how will you react to the new age of business – the current business revolution! 

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