“How many on their deathbeds wished they’d spent more time at the office – or watching TV? The answer is, no one.”

Stephen Covey, author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” said, “How many on their deathbeds wished they’d spent more time at the office – or watching TV? The answer is, no one.”  

Many business owners spend lots of time to run the day to day function of the business, put out fires, manage staff, handle customers, etc. 

But they often fail to plan for what is important. They do NOT work on looking for ways where they can “stop trading their time for money”, and thus free up time and money to care for health, family, personal goals, etc.  

Having worked with doctors for close to 30 years, they are some of the most hardworking & yet also some of the most underpaid people we have known. 

They have the added disadvantage – they TOTALLY believe that DUE to their supper high education all should be fine. 

They often believe that it is them who are messing up. Ok – they also believe that the government and insurance companies are messing them up. 
When you wake up and realize that the game is over – play a new game! 

Be smart like the leaders in Dubai who knew a couple of decades ago that oil will disappear in the country and a new game must be created. 

Better start BEFORE the old game is totally dead, otherwise – oh well… 

When we launched our program called “Un-Work”, it was in response to the requests from our clients, who said: 

“I can’t take this shit anymore. No matter how many new patients I get, the margins, especially if I want to treat patients the way I feel I should, are simply too low.” 

“I am getting tired, this is NOT what I signed up for 40 years ago!” 

Ok, one’s own work perhaps cannot be stopped overnight.  

But why not find a smarter way to build income sources that do not require one’s own time to build?  

No, I am not talking about network marketing or traditional investment in stocks or running a franchise. Do it, if you like to. But this is NOT what I am talking about. 

There is a new world out there. The way people buy and sell is changing and have been changing for a couple of decades.  

The opportunities are already proven – far, far bigger than anything this world has ever seen. 

These opportunities are open to people with little money and/or no formal education.  

Of course, a bit of money always helps to speed things up, but compared to, for instance, becoming a doctor or opening a small retail or a restaurant or investing in stocks – it is NOT needed to get started and have a growth, better than any other business ventures out there! 

Here is an explanation of it: smarturl.it/un-work-05 

Helmut Flasch
CEO, Flasch International

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Even if you do NOT enroll in our “UN-WORK” program, you will learn something new or get confirmation on what you should be doing next with your life in order to be financially free! 

Being financially free is NOT a “too-good-to-be-true” thing, IT IS CURRENTLY ACHIEVED BY MORE NEW PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE THAN EVER BEFORE IN HISTORY due to a new age business practices! 

Yes, one call it a revolution in full swing and yet only 1% of people will take this and run with it. But that has always been with all opportunities which came along and will most likely always be so. Thus, the 1%ers and the 0.01%ers.  

THERE IS NO SECRET IN GETTING FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE – there’s only information you do not have yet and/or do not act upon! 

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