World wide web phenomenon

“I’m attending school only until it becomes available on CD-ROM.”

THE INDUSTRY STANDARD magazineBy Dan King, September 11, 2000. 

“While online schools launch across the nation, Choice2000, a Riverside County, CA, charter school with 200 students, has offered online high-school education since 1996. We asked Choice2000’s director. . . 

Q:How do teachers teach online? 

A:It’s pure instruction. If a kid wises off, you just click, delete and he’s gone. The teachers who are soaring are technologically sophisticated. They’re exploring websites and are excited about the delivery system. We had one teacher who’s heavy-set and had difficulty getting around a classroom. But this is the perfect solution for him.”  

And you, the doctor, better catch on to this computer/web phenomenon because when it hits you, it will hit you harder than HMO or anything else you’ve ever experienced. 

“We overestimate the short-term impact and give up, when it does not happen, but underestimate the long-term impact and lose out.” – Bill Gates 

The losing out will come so gradual that most doctors will never see it coming. They, in fact, will attribute the decrease of business to all kinds of sources, just not the right one! 

Helmut Flasch
CEO, Flasch International 

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