Good enough never is!

“Good enough never is.”

I myself have realized that whenever I say I did all I could, I never did.

I have realized this so thoroughly that every time I say it, or am about to say it, I know I need to do much more and proceed to do so!

Guess what? Every single time I told myself I could do more, I came closer to achieving my goals!

It feels good after you have put more effort, used all your imagination on how you could, even if ever so slightly, do more and then do so.

It feels good!

Helmut Flasch
CEO, Flasch International
Un-Work & Un-Advertising

PS. I suggest that you have a look at how to do other things, totally different than what you are now doing.

I suggest to go to the crazy land as only crazy people have ideas crazy enough to affect a change!

I would like you too look not as a part of your practice or business or work or even life – the part which does not work. NO.

I suggest you take a step back and look around!

Don’t look at solving a problem but go ahead and imagine the most outrageous total life style you might want and then start working backwards on how to get there.

If time and money restraint is a problem, I can only tell you that’s ONLY and ONLY due to YOUR own shortcomings of not incorporating the existing wonderful tools this world has to offer.

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