Knowledge Management Accomplishes your Goals.

“As a rule, he or she who has the most information will have the greatest success in life.” 


Only if you do something with the information and keep the most important thing of all in mind. Only look at goals! Never look at the obstacles.  

Also, you must not forget to be imaginative otherwise your knowledge just sits there, achieving nothing at all! 

Can you see that? Can you see that without a vivid imagination like a child, no knowledge will ever be of much use? Knowledge is extremely important but courage and enthusiasm are the switch which makes knowledge be worth anything. 

Then there is something else. We DO live in the age of information overload. If information alone would be the most important criteria then everyone would or should achieve any goals supereasy! 

I mean, look at EloMusk. When asked how he – a collage dropout, could be the chief engineer to build rockets and where he learned that, he said here and there and on the internet!  

Oh well, the old days’ school system has its days counted. It’s a “dead men walking” and we do NOT need to cry after it! 

Back to knowledge and sheer overwhelming amount of it which is available. 

The first look you might want to take is “WHAT KNOWLEDGE is more likely MOST needed to achieve my big, my ultimate goals!?” 

Don’t know what they are, but let me draw out a few which seem to be resonating with many of us. 

Freedom from time restraints and money. 

In other words, to be able to earn the money you want for YOUR life style without having to regularly show up at a particular work to perform a particular work. 

And if you think I skipped something important such as health then you are mistaken I did not. 

Nothing guaranties your health more than a peaceful state of mind which can afford to give the body the attention it needs and put into it only the best things without any money worries. 

You, doctors, know better than anyone else that having a bunch of money and the free time to attend to your illness fares better than having no money and no time! 

Am I right? 

Go and do this exercise and if you need help or hints you know who we are and where we are! 

Helmut Flasch 
CEO, Flasch International 
Un-Work & Un-Advertising

PS. After this crisis caused by the virus, it became clear – the old economy no longer has its old days stability and security. In fact, most practice and business owners are still suffering from the consequences of this downturn.

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