The worst thing to do is nothing!

“The need to be right all the time is the biggest bar to new ideas. It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong than to always be right by having no ideas at all.”


Do you realize that all champions in no matter what field are always only a tiny bit more right (successful) than the runners-up? 

But that tiny bit is making them VERY successful! In fact, people or teams who are not even winning 50% of the time win almost all championships!  

A world champion in Formula One car racing I know (Niki Lauda) was winning only about 20% of the races as far as I am aware and that got him the world champ title three times and second two times. This attitude also made him aextraordinaire businessman. His life was strewn full of ‘failures” but so enormously successful! 

So how does it relate to pursuing one’s goals in business and in life? 

Are you afraid of embracing new ideas for your practice just because you have been ‘burnt’ a few times? Doing nothing looks ‘safe’ but only apparently so!  

The worst thing to do is nothing!  

Let’s take the above principle one more time under the microscope. 

Our office has been consulting doctors for thirty years in practice management, as well as business owners or CEOs of large manufactories – even oil companies. 

I have witnessed that most people are not so much against the possibility of failure. They do not really fear the loss of money, etc., as much as they fear the ridicule for family, friends and peers.

They are worse about this peer, family and friend approval than a 14yearold boy or girl who wants to be part of the clique even if that is something not good for them. 

Business and practice owners know it is not good for them to NOT keep trying new possibilities, not because of the potential loss in money, etc., but because they feel they will look stupid in front of peers, family and friends. 

This seems to be, perhaps even more prevalent with doctors as they are supposed to be smart.  

Well, I personally still always remember the girls I did not dance with because I did not ask out of fear of looking like a looser to rest of the crowd in the disco! 

Oh well, perhaps it was for the best as I finally ended up with the best wife anyone can ever ask for. 

But then again, who says this would not have happened anyhow if I would have danced with a few girls more and enjoyed myself? 

As for YOU trying new things, especially the new age economy – the digital economy, which is ONLY new to you, but proven beyond any doubt, while yet still being a ground-floor opportunity. 

Will you just NOT do it, so that you won’t be ridiculed and your ship will naturally just sail in? 

Well, you are the captain of your life so you decide! 

Helmut Flasch 
CEO, Flasch International 

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